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Museum of Fine Arts in France, Lyon resort

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The Lyon Museum of Fine Arts is housed in a luxurious 17th century building on the border with Place des Terreaux.

The museum building was built in the middle XVII century and was the main building of the women's monastery. The luxury of the abbey, unusual for that time, was due to the nobility of its abbess – before her tonsure she was an influential aristocrat. In addition to the functions of a holy cloister, this building performed an important function of receiving influential people in France, and priority state issues were often discussed here.

During the Great Revolution, the abbey, like all others in France, was abolished. the nuns are expelled, some are even detained. Since 1798, all the premises of the main building were given first to the Treasury, then to the Chamber of Commerce, and then to the Palais des Arts de Lyon. Since 1800, paintings confiscated from nobles and priests during the revolution have been exhibited here, although the former abbey has not yet received the official status of a museum.

In 1805, by the decision of the Lyon municipality, the building The abbey was converted into the Imperial School of Painting, where the arts were taught until 1860. The exhibition halls were preserved, the collections of paintings were only supplemented by that time. In 1860, the School was disbanded, and all the interior premises were given over to exhibition halls, and the building was finally turned into the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Museum functions to this day, and the showrooms are divided by country and by chronology. The first two halls – this is a hall of French painting, which presents canvases by artists of the 17th-18th centuries little known outside France, as well as a room of French painting of the 19th century, represented mainly by canvases of the impressionists. The second room is dedicated to Italian painting from the 15th to the 18th century. The third hall is given to the representatives of the Spanish school; here you can see the canvases of the 17th century artists. The fourth hall is occupied by canvases by Dutch masters. The last fifth room houses paintings by French artists of the 20th century, such as Matisse, Pisasso and many others.


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Topic: Museum of Fine Arts in France, Lyon resort.Museum of Fine Arts in France, Lyon resort

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