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Castle Landskron in Austria

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Landskron Castle is a medieval castle located on the rocky plateau of Felskegel, northeast of Villach. The castle is located at an altitude of 135 meters above sea level.

The first mention of human presence in this rocky area refers to   by 800 BC. In 878 AD there was the first written mention of this territory, it belonged to the Bavarian monastery Alteting. In 1028, this area passed into the possession of Count Ozzi, the construction of the castle is associated with his name. Since then, the castle has changed many owners. In 1351 the castle was named Landskron.

Due to the not very good location of the castle, lightning repeatedly hit it, and, as a result, fires broke out. After a fire in 1542, the castle was bought by Christopher Khoevenhuller. The castle becomes his permanent residence. By 1600, Landskron was transformed into a chic Renaissance estate and a center of social life. At that time, the castle was surrounded by a double wall with 7 towers. The main building was four-storey and was decorated with a high castle tower. The castle was equipped with a well, the depth of which reached several tens of   meters.

In 1639, the Landskron castle was acquired by the Dietrichsteins. But after the last fire in 1812, as a result of which the roof burned down, the owners of the castle decided to leave it. Only in 1953 the castle was partially restored thanks to Hans Mares and has been open to tourists ever since. Mares opened a cafe-restaurant here. Today it is run by his niece.

The Landskron Castle hosts performances with the participation of birds of prey: owls, kites, eagles and others. Bird shows are only available during the summer. There is also a mini-zoo in the castle, where about 25 species of owls and birds of prey of the local fauna live.

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Topic: Castle Landskron in Austria.Castle Landskron in Austria

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