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Botanical Garden in Italy, Sicily resort

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The Botanical Garden in Palermo combines the functions of a botanical garden and an educational and research center of the University of Palermo. The park occupies 10 hectares.

The garden was first mentioned in 1779 – at that time the Department of Botanical and Medicinal Farms was created by the Royal Academy of Sciences. Especially for this, a botanical garden was laid out on a small plot of land for the cultivation of plants that were supposed to be used for the manufacture of medicines. In 1786, the garden was enlarged and occupied the current area near Piano di Sant Erasmo. Three years later, the construction of administrative buildings was started – Tepidaria, Gymnasiums and Caldaria. The buildings were built by the architect Leono Duforny, who built them in the neoclassical style. The main office of the botanical garden was the Gymnasium, where the director's office, library and herbarium were located. The other two buildings contained plants from temperate and warm climates.

In the oldest part of the garden, you can see a rectangular area divided into four squares. Plants in these squares are placed according to Linnaeus's classification.

In 1795, the garden was officially opened. A year later, an Aquarium was built on its territory, divided into several zones, and the Maria Carolina Orangery, which was donated by the Austrian Queen.

Currently, several greenhouses are operating in the gardens, where you can observe plants of humid climatic zones. For research purposes, subtropical and tropical plants are grown in the experimental zone. There is also a herbarium in the garden, which contains more than 250   000 samples of plants, lichens, algae and mushrooms.

In the 19th century, a huge large-leaved ficus was brought here, which became a symbol of the botanical garden.


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Topic: Botanical Garden in Italy, Sicily resort.Botanical Garden in Italy, Sicily resort

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