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Meissen Cathedral in Germany, Meissen resort

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Meissen Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Donatus and John, is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Meissen. The cathedral is located on the territory of the Albrechtsburg castle, located on a hill.

Previously, on the site where the cathedral is today, there was a small chapel, which was erected in 968 by order of Emperor Otto the First in honor of the founding Meissen bishopric. In the 11th century, a Romanesque basilica was built on the site of the chapel.

Construction of the cathedral began in 1260 and was completed only in 1410. Three years after the completion of construction work, lightning struck the building, as a result its western side with two towers, erected in 1315, was destroyed.

Until 1909, the only tower of the cathedral was the openwork tower located on the east side of the building. In 1904, construction work began on the construction of two new towers in a pseudo-Gothic style. The work was supervised by the architect K. Schaefer. The construction was completed five years later.

The choir stalls of the cathedral and the octagonal chapel were decorated with sculptures of Saints John and Donatus, figures of the founders of the temple – Emperor Otto the First and his wife Adelheida. The Chapel of Saint George was created by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The main bell of the cathedral, cast in 1928 by Otto Schilling, is considered one of the most ornate bells in the world. On four large reliefs one can observe the plots of The Revelation of John the Theologian.

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Topic: Meissen Cathedral in Germany, Meissen resort.Meissen Cathedral in Germany, Meissen resort

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