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Capitoline Square in Italy, Rome resort

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Capitoline Square, located in the capital of Italy – Rome, is the center of the Capitol.

The square appeared thanks to Pope Paul III, who instructed Michelangelo to arrange it for the arrival of Emperor Charles V. A statue of Marcus Aurelius was installed in the central part of the square.

From all sides the square is surrounded by an excellent architectural ensemble. Here you can see the medieval Palace of the Senators, which was almost completed under Michelangelo, the Palace of the Conservatives and the New Palace, the Cordonata staircase and many more modern buildings designed by architects Prospero Boccadopoli, Girolamo Riinaldi and Tommaso Cavalieri.

The tallest building in the square is the Senoria Palace. The side facades of the building were decorated with huge Corinthian pilasters topped with a cornice with sculptures and a balustrade.

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Topic: Capitoline Square in Italy, Rome resort.Capitoline Square in Italy, Rome resort

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