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Ada Bojana Island in Montenegro, Ulcinj resort

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The island of Ada-Bojana is a small island located 25 kilometers from Ulcinj.

In 1973, a nudist village was created here" Ada-Boyana", which is designed for 100 residents. Thanks to this village, the island gained great popularity, becoming a kind of attraction of Montenegro.

Nowadays Ada-Boyana resort occupies an area of 350 hectares, and up to 1000 people can visit it, who prefer nude communication with nature. This island is one of the most visited nudist centers in Europe.

The island's beach is covered with sand formed from seashells, coral, quartz, and includes about 30 minerals, which have a mild radioactive property, which can effectively treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and infertility.

The width of the beach varies from 50 to 150 meters. Due to the fact that the entrance to the sea is very shallow, the water here quickly warms up, and the swimming season lasts longer than in any other place in Montenegro (from late April to early November).

The island is famous not only for its nudist beach, but also for the fact that rare beautiful plants grow on its territory, many species of animals live.

While resting on the island, there is an opportunity to go windsurfing. For those who have never encountered water activities, there is a water sports school, where you will be taught how to operate a catamaran, stand on water skiing, scuba diving. It is also possible to rent a board and sail according to your preferences, a pedal boat, a two-seater kayak.

For people who love playing sports, there are table tennis, clay tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and a badminton court, as well as a riding school.


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Topic: Ada Bojana Island in Montenegro, Ulcinj resort.Ada Bojana Island in Montenegro, Ulcinj resort

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