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Bojana river description and photos - Montenegro

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Bojana river description and photos - Montenegro

Bojana river description and photos - Montenegro. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Bojana river.

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The Boyana River (Buna - in Albanian) is located in the western side of the Balkans, flows through two countries: Albania and Montenegro. The beginning of the river is the famous Skadar Lake, located near a city called Shkoder, but it flows into the Adriatic Sea. The river is about 41 km long. If we take into account the main river that flows into the Skadar (Moraci), then the total length of the entire system is approximately 183 km.

In 1852, the Big Drin became a tributary of the Boyana River, which changed its course due to flooding. One of the features is that the runoff of this branch is almost 10 times greater than the runoff of the main river.

After leaving the Albanian territory (20 km), the channel of the Boyana River becomes more meandering. Two sleeves are formed at its mouth, which create a kind of delta where the island of Ada is located. This island is famous for those who like to spend time in nudist destinations. In addition, unlike all similar formations, it has an ideal triangle shape.

Among the unique features of this river, such as its passage below sea level in some places is distinguished. In case of a strong south wind in the river. Bojan gets seawater, and this is the reason for the reverse flow. For this feature, locals call the river the only river on the planet that can flow in both directions.

The Boyana Delta is popular with fishing enthusiasts - they often come to these parts to spend time in a secluded backwater with a fishing rod in hand. Along the banks of the river, you can see many houses on stilts where local fishermen live. These dwellings are rented to tourists for a reasonable fee during the hot season. In addition, there are a large number of fish restaurants at the mouth of the river, each of which has its own specific feature.

Located at the mouth of the river, the island of Ada is famous for its landscapes and a very nice beach. The swimming season lasts from the end of April to November. the entrance to the water is very shallow. Among other things, the sand here is fine, quartz-shell has a mild radioactive effect, is rich in corals and many minerals.

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