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Qingyangong in China, Chengdu resort

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This temple, which is known as the Black Goat Palace, is one of the most famous temples in China and the largest and oldest Taoist temple in Chengdu. The temple is located in the northwest of the city, in Wenhua Park.

The temple was built during the Tang Dynasty, just at the height of Taoism. Almost all the buildings of the temple that we can see today are the result of reconstruction   Qing period.

The main hall of the temple was built in 1669 and was called the Hall of the Three Innocences. It is decorated with images of dragons and animals. At the entrance to the hall there are two bronze goats. They were brought here during the Qing Dynasty. According to Taoist philosophy, the goat is a symbol of fate and all the signs of the zodiac. Pilgrims believe that if you touch both goats, you can get good luck forever.

The temple houses important Taoist relics, manuscripts, as well as a stone sculpture   Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism.  


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Topic: Qingyangong in China, Chengdu resort.Qingyangong in China, Chengdu resort

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