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Potala Palace in China, Lhasa resort

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This palace is located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, on Huangshan Mountain in the city of Lhasa. In 1994, it was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

According to legend, this palace was erected in the 7th century by the Tufan ruler Sronzangambo for his future wife Wencheng. The palace stretches along the entire slope, from the top of the mountain to its foot. The complex unites a thousand buildings made in the Tibetan style. After the Tufan dynasty fell, the palace was almost completely destroyed. It began to be reconstructed in 1645.

The palace is divided into two parts: Pochzhangmabo and Pochzhangabo. Pozhangabo is located to the east and is the seat of the Dalai Lamas. In the center of Pojangmabo are Buddhist halls as well as burial pagodas. In the west, servants and monks live in white houses. In front of Pojangmabo there is a place for displaying Buddha images during the holidays.                                

The Potala Palace is a sacred place for Tibetan Buddhism, annually visited by many tourists and pilgrims. Potala starts from the wall at the very base of the mountain. From here you can walk to the eastern gate, which depicts four alohani. Further, behind a 4-meter palace wall, there is a magnificent pavilion. In the middle of the mountain you can see a grandiose terrace with an area of 1.6 thousand square meters. Here the Dalai Lama addressed the believers. A corridor leads from the terrace through which you can get to the Tsoqinxia pavilion - the largest in Pochzhangabo.

The main building of Pochzhangmabo consists of eight burial pagodas. The most luxurious of them rests the ashes of the fifth Dalai Lama. This pagoda is inlaid with precious stones and covered with 3721 kilograms of gold.

The oldest part of the palace is the Snoyagal pavilion. There you can see sculptural images of Princess Wencheng, King of Sronzangambo, as well as their dignitaries.

The tallest pavilion of the palace is Sasronlantse. Previously, sacrifices were made here for memorial tablets and images of the Qianlong Emperor. And after the fifth Dalai Lama passed away, his successors make sacrifices here on the Tibetan New Year.

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Topic: Potala Palace in China, Lhasa resort.Potala Palace in China, Lhasa resort

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