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Poblet Monastery in Spain

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The Poblet Monastery is considered one of the most significant similar architectural structures in Spain and is located in Catalonia, in the valley of the Francoli River. Poblet was founded in 1151 by order of the monarch Ramon Berenguer IV, who played a significant role in the liberation of Catalonia from Moorish rule.

This architectural monument was part of the so-called `` Cistercian Triangle '', uniting three monastery: Poblet, Valbona de les Monges and Santes Creus. Poblet includes a residence for royals as well as the pantheon of the royal family of Aragon. In the monastery you can see the church, the construction of which dates back to the XII century, the royal tomb, created in 1359, as well as the original partition located behind the altar. This partition was created by the leading master of the Aragonese school, the famous sculptor Domian Forment in 1527.

The Poblet Monastery suffered many years of desolation in the 19th century and was restored in the thirties of the last century. In 1991, this historical and architectural monument was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Topic: Poblet Monastery in Spain.Poblet Monastery in Spain

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