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Bodie Ghost Town (USA, California)

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In 1859, in Mono County, Sierra Nevada, William Bodie discovered a fairly large gold deposit ... After his death, members of the Bodie family founded a town here. The city was named after him, and in 1861 gold was mined in it.

When another gold mine was discovered here in 1876, the city began to develop very quickly, and its population even increased to ten thousand people. About six dozen saloons, a Chinatown, a brothel, churches, breweries, a railway station and even several newspaper offices appeared in the city.

At the same time, lawlessness and crime reigned in Bol because of the gold rush. Here everything was as shown in westerns - robberies took place every day, murders and other crimes, and gold diggers at night lowered all the goods they got in saloons.


Over time, the deposits dried up, and gold prices fell somewhat. Gradually, residents began to leave Bodie - by 1900, only a thousand people lived here. In 1917, the branch of the railway leading here was dismantled. And in 1932, as a result of a fire, the entire business center of the city was completely destroyed. As a result, only five residents remained in the middle of the twentieth century. Bodie was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and a State Historic Park in 1962. By this time, the last inhabitants had already left Bodie, and the city became a tourist attraction.

Today, Bodie has special decorations that give the impression that they just left the city in a hurry. For example, in houses you can see dusty furniture and dishes, dirty windows, things scattered in a mess. All excursions around Bodie take place in the summer - in winter the city is closed because the rains blur the road to it.


Due to the death of William Bodie literally a year after the discovery of the mine, the criminal past of the city and the alleged violent death of its last inhabitants, the city of Bodie is considered cursed. According to legend, if you take something from here, then the spirits of Bodie will not leave you alone until you return this thing to its place. Perhaps the"curse" is just a way to preserve the city-museum in its original form, however, people prefer to believe the warning and try not to take anything from the accursed city.Image

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Topic: Bodie Ghost Town (USA, California).Bodie Ghost Town (USA, California)

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