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Dujiangyan Dam in China, Chengdu Resort

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This ancient hydraulic structure is located 49 kilometers from the city of Chengdu. This irrigation system was created in 256 BC. The construction was supervised by an official Li Bing.

According to historical records, Li Bin needed not only to develop an engineering project, but also to convince local peasants that the spirit of water would not be angry with them for the fact that they are going to do with the river. The peasants believed the official and took part in the construction. For seven years they destroyed the rock, and thanks to this destruction, the Min River split into two branches. This put an end to annual floods and created very favorable conditions for farming. In gratitude for this, the locals deified Li Bing, and on the shore they built a temple in his honor.

Now the area that is irrigated thanks to this structure is almost 800 thousand hectares. In 2000, UNESCO inscribed this structure on the World Heritage List as the largest engineering project of that time in Eurasia.

You can get to the dam by a bus that departs from the Chadyanzi stop.  


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Topic: Dujiangyan Dam in China, Chengdu Resort.Dujiangyan Dam in China, Chengdu Resort

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