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Akronafplio fortress in Greece, Nafplio resort

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Even in ancient times, a fortified settlement appeared on the Akronafplio Peninsula.

The castle became as we see it now in the 13-16 centuries during the Venetian and Frankish occupation. Some evidence has been found in the fortress to prove that a settlement on the island dates back to prehistoric times. In the eastern part of the island, you can see a section of an old wall dating back to the 4th century BC. In addition, the ruins of a wall built in the Byzantine and Hellenistic periods have been found.

The Franks invaded the city in 1210-1212. They divided the fortress into two parts, each of which was called a `` castle. '' In the very center of the peninsula is the place where the leaders of the Franks lived. Greeks lived in the west of the peninsula.

During the first Venetian occupation, Akronaplio was fortified to protect against Turkish raids.

During the Turkish rule, the fortress was changed very little. The Turks called her 'Ich-kale'. Christians and Turks lived here, and the administration lived in the lower city, created in the 15th century.

The Venetians came to power again in 1686. It was forbidden to live in the fortress, and it began to be used only for military purposes.

In 1829 the governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, built a hospital and barracks here. In 1926, here from the Palamidi fortress   the military prison was moved. Since 1937 it became civil, and in 1960 it ceased to exist altogether.

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Topic: Akronafplio fortress in Greece, Nafplio resort.Akronafplio fortress in Greece, Nafplio resort

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