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Flea markets and flea markets in Amsterdam

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Image Waterloolein Flea Market

a huge number of artifacts of the past years. In fact, even more than in some countries. Flea markets in the Netherlands began to form in the 19th century and have amassed a rich history. Local flea markets are very popular among tourists, but the most popular flea market is Waterloolein.

Waterlooplein is located on the square near the city hall by the Amstel river in the distant 1882. Initially, it functioned as a Jewish market because the government of the country populated this quarter with Jewish merchants. But the war changed a lot, the Nazis literally destroyed this place, sending all the Jews working here to concentration camps. For a long time, the market, like the entire area, was uninhabited. Waterloo began to acquire its modern shape in the post-war period, it began to be called a flea, and the counters began to be filled with antique products. In the 70s of the last century, the market was chosen by young people, it gained particular popularity among hippies.

Image Rich assortment of the Waterloolein flea market

В Today Waterloo has grown from being a flea market to being one of the city's attractions. Tourists come here specially for shopping. Both local youth and representatives of subcultures love to be here. Collectors flock here from all over the world in search of rare and unusual items, unique souvenirs and antiques. Of course, a rarity is not lying around here at every step, a really valuable thing will have to be looked for among others, much less rare. However, with patience, Waterloo offers designer or ethnic clothing, exclusive CDs, rare books, jewelry with a rich history and souvenirs that you won't find anywhere else in the city. On the square you can have a snack in cozy cafes, and then continue your hunt for rarities.

Image Dapperstraat flea market

The traders themselves are no less curious exhibits of the market, and of the whole of Amsterdam. Sometimes they are even more unique than their product. They are definitely worth paying attention to, engaging in conversation. They often meet customers halfway and drop the price. Since the market is located in the city itself, it is not so difficult to get to it. This can be done on foot, while walking around the city, you can use the tram. The market is located next door to the Red Light District.

There are a number of lesser known, but equally curious flea markets in Amsterdam. If prices play a major role for you, then Dapperstraat, which is located in the eastern part of the city, is worth a visit. It gives tourists a glimpse of the Middle East and North African communities, inhabiting Holland.

Image Bookstore at Boekenmarkt flea market

The Antiekmarkt De Looier market is distinguished by a rich assortment of antiques. There is a lot of furniture, jewelry, old clocks, silverware and other items. You can even go here instead of a museum.

Boekenmarkt specializes in books. Here you can find many rare prints, postcards, photographs, prints and other trifles. It is better to go to Rosmarijnsteeg for coins and stamps.

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Topic: Flea markets and flea markets in Amsterdam.Flea markets and flea markets in Amsterdam

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