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Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This village is located in the west of Montjuic Park. It was built in 1929 for the World's Fair. In this village you can see buildings that are typical for different Spanish provinces.

The houses in the village are located around the main square near the entrance gate. At the entrance there is a bank branch, kiosks, souvenir and book stores. Occasionally events take place in the square.

There are several museums in the Spanish Village. The Museum of Graphic Arts is worth a visit, where you can see examples of graphic prints, engraving presses, as well as metal and wood relief dishes.

Next to the village's entrance gate is the Museum of Folk Traditions, industry and art.

In the southeast of the village is the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona. This round brick building was originally built for a graphic art exhibition, but in 1932 it was expanded and refurbished. The collection, which includes the museum's exhibits, dates back to 1888. The museum has several sections. The last one is devoted to early Christianity and Western Gothic culture. The second – Balearic Islands. In it, you can see a large model of Ampurias, as well as objects that were found in Magna Graesia, bronze figurines and Roman antique ceramics. The Greek section is followed by the Roman section. Its walls are decorated with paintings, and it itself is decorated in the Roman antique style. This section contains altar stones, ceramics and glassware.

The first in chronology is the Stone and Bronze Age section. Here you can see ancient tools and even a reconstruction of the cave – dwellings of the first people. In the same room you can see the El-Argar culture and the most ancient metal tools.  


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Topic: Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) in Spain, Barcelona resort.Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) in Spain, Barcelona resort

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