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Stela Museum (Stone Forest) in China, Xi'an Resort

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This museum was founded in 1090 on the site of an old Confucian temple. It is known for its huge collection of stone steles. Thousands of monuments were created during the time period from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty.

This museum is located next to the South Gate. It is made in the traditional Chinese style. Steles from all over China are kept here. Some are 4,000 years old, and some were created in the 20th century. Each of them is a source of information. Some steles are covered with calligraphic inscriptions, while others are carved with drawings and maps.

In the first hall of the museum, you can see the text of classical Confucian works engraved in 837. At that time, every educated person should be able to read these texts. These works contain 650 thousand hieroglyphs and were engraved on 114 steles

In the second hall you can see the steles, on which famous calligraphers of the Tang period left their marks.
In the third room, there are stelae that date from the Han to Song dynasties. And the fourth presents poems that famous calligraphers from the Song to Qing period left on stone sculptures.  


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Topic: Stela Museum (Stone Forest) in China, Xi'an Resort.Stela Museum (Stone Forest) in China, Xi'an Resort

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