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Lake Hoan Kiem in Vietnam, Hanoi resort

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Hoan Kiem Lake ("Lake of the Returned Sword") is located in the central part of the Hanoi shopping area. The lake was formed on the site of the old channel of the Hongha River.

In the middle of the lake, you can see a small island with a tower, called the"Temple of the Turtle". According to legend, Le Loi is a Vietnamese hero of the XV who once fished here and found a magic sword. It was with this sword that Loi led the rebellion against the rulers of China. Having won the victory, the hero returned to the lake to thank the spirits. Coming closer, he accidentally dropped his sword into the water. A huge golden turtle took up the sword and swam away with it. Later, a temple was built on this site.

Not far away, on the shore of the lake, is the Temple of the Jade Mountain. It is home to a giant turtle that was caught in 1968. This temple was built in the XIV century and has been rebuilt several times over the years. The last renovations took place here in the 19th century. The temple revered Wang Swang - the patron saint of writers, Chan Hung Dao, Kuan Wu and La To.

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Topic: Lake Hoan Kiem in Vietnam, Hanoi resort.Lake Hoan Kiem in Vietnam, Hanoi resort

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