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Druze villages in Israel, Haifa resort

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Dalyat El Carmel, located in the heart of the Carmel National Park, is the largest Druze city in the country. The city was founded approximately 400 years ago.

In the central part of the city there is a huge bazaar selling traditional Arab and Druze goods. The city also has a memorial center established in memory of the fallen Druze soldiers. It is worth visiting the tomb of Abu Ibrahim, where Druze from all over the country often gather to receive blessings and fulfill covenants.

In the surrounding areas of Dalyat El Carmel, there are ruins of some Druze villages.

Village of Isfiya, translated from Arabic means `` storm '', got its name from the strong winds that are frequent in the area. The construction of the village was carried out on the ruins of an ancient Byzantine settlement. Ancient objects and numerous ornaments characteristic of the Crusaders were discovered in the walls and houses of Isfia.

In 1930, archaeological excavations were also carried out here, during which the ruins of an ancient Jewish settlement that existed here in 5 -th century. The ruins of a synagogue with a preserved mosaic floor were discovered, as well as gold coins from the Roman period.

The modern village was founded here in the 18th century. At that time, the main income of the locals was the production of honey and olive oil, as well as the cultivation of grapes. The main attraction of the village is the tomb of Abu Abdullah.

The village of Kisra was founded in 1991 as a result of the merger of two villages. In the vicinity of the village you can see the tomb of the Muslim prophet Shams.

Abu Sinan is one of the largest cities in the region. For the first time, Abu Sinan is mentioned in the documents of the Crusaders, where the city appears as the `` Busnen '' fortress.

During the reign of Emir Far al-Din al-Mani, the city was the most important center. In 1617, a palace was built in the city for the son of Emir – Ali.

Today, the graves of Sheikh Al Hanbali and Navi Zakariya are located in the city.

It is also worth visiting the villages of Julis, Khurfeish, Bright and Januah Jat.

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Topic: Druze villages in Israel, Haifa resort.Druze villages in Israel, Haifa resort

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