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Famagusta Gate in Cyprus, Nicosia Resort

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The Famagusta Gate is one of the most beautiful passages through the Venetian walls. These gates were built in 1567. Behind the heavy doors is a long tunnel, which is about 35 meters long. Natural light is provided by a large dome in the middle of the vault. Initially, the gate was named after the architect of the Venetian walls, and was called Porto Giuliano.

Travelers who went to or from Larnaca and Famagusta usually passed through this gate. In 1980, the gate was restored, and this project received a prize at the international competition"Our Europe".

Now the Municipal Cultural Center is located in the tunnel and halls of the Famagusta Gate. The tunnel has a capacity of up to 350 people, but the halls of the gates are designed for only 200. The southern hall is used as an exhibition gallery, while the northern hall hosts conferences, lectures, and films. Also, the central tunnel regularly hosts exhibitions of folk crafts and works of art, theater performances, concerts.    


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Topic: Famagusta Gate in Cyprus, Nicosia Resort.Famagusta Gate in Cyprus, Nicosia Resort

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