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Levendion in Cyprus, Nicosia resort

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Levendion is a municipal museum housed in an old building in the Laik Getonya area of Nicosia. The exhibits presented in the exhibition halls of the museum tell about the history of the city from ancient times to the present day, about its economic and cultural development.

The museum contains exhibits that help to learn about the emergence of the Venetian walls city, architectural monuments and ancient buildings of historical importance. You can also see historical facts about the origin and formation of the city, the first mention of which dates back to the 7th century BC. This is the one and only museum in Cyprus, which through exhibits gives an idea of the reasons for the resettlement of people inland (due to pirates). The museum contains exhibits, telling about the entry of Cyprus into the Venetian Republic, the attack of the Turks on the city, about the passage of Cyprus under the auspices of Great Britain. Here are documents and photographs on the recognition of Cyprus as an independent state.

All expositions are decorated in a creative and original way, for which in 1991 the museum was recognized as the"Best European Museum".

There is a shop next to the museum where you can buy an interesting souvenir.


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Topic: Levendion in Cyprus, Nicosia resort.Levendion in Cyprus, Nicosia resort

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