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Mimara Museum in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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The Mimara Museum was created in 1972 specifically for a large collection that was donated to the city of Zagreb   painter, restorer and collector Ante Topic Mimara. The museum is housed in a neo-Renaissance building built in 1985 by architects Hilsner and Ludwig. Previously, this palace housed the city high school.

All exhibits of the museum are arranged in chronological order from prehistoric period to modern times.

Archaeological collection is presented items from Persia, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America, Central Asia and the Far East.

Of great interest is the collection of icons, which includes works by Russian authors and paintings from Palestine, Asia Minor and Antioch, which date back to the 6th-13th centuries. It also displays about 300 pieces of Chinese art that tell the story of the development of China, from the Shan dynasty to the Qin dynasty.

The museum has a collection of glassware, numbering 550 pieces of Persian , of Turkish, Moroccan and European origin.

The museum displays a collection of 200 sculptures that were created by French and Italian sculptors from Ancient Greece to the Impressionist era.

The art canvases exhibited in the museum were made by famous artists from different countries, for example,

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Topic: Mimara Museum in Croatia, Zagreb resort.Mimara Museum in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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