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Archaeological Museum in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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The Archaeological Museum is considered to be a kind of successor to the National Museum, founded in 1836. Since its foundation, the museum has gone through various organizational stages of its development. So in 1866 it became the national institution of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Croatia. Then the museum was divided into natural-historical and archaeological parts. Only in 1939 did the archaeological museum become an independent museum and is housed in the Hafner Palace.

Now the museum includes five main collections, among which Croatia is the central one. These collections feature more than 400,000 artifacts found by archaeologists in Croatia, and many of them have been discovered in the Zagreb region. The museum has the following exhibitions:
  • The prehistoric period showcases objects from the Neolithic era to the end of the Iron Age. The most valuable exhibit is a vessel for bottling drinks ("Vuchedolsky pigeon"). Despite being made of primitive materials, it is proof of the certain technical skills of the craftsmen of the time.
  • The Antique period is represented by numerous Greek vases and stones with inscriptions.
  • The Egyptian period ... Here, the most famous exhibits are mummies.
  • The main theme of the medieval period is"The Great Migration of Nations". Also one of the valuable exhibits is the head of Plautilla from the ancient city.
  • A large numismatic collection includes Celtic, Greek, Byzantine, Roman and modern coins. This collection is considered one of the finest coin collections in Europe.
Also in the Archaeological Museum there is a large library with over 45 thousand books.


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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Croatia, Zagreb resort.Archaeological Museum in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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