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Medieval Museum in Italy, Bologna resort

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Today, the Medieval Museum is housed in the Palazzo Gisilardi building. This palace was erected in the 15th century on the ruins of an ancient castle.

Nowadays, the museum's collection contains an extensive collection of interesting and rare exhibits, such as a Syrian-Egyptian jug dated to the end XIII century, gilded cross (VIII century), Turkish arrows (XVII century), engraved ivory (XII century), gilded saddle. Also of interest is the collection of bronze statues and medieval tombstones.

The decoration of the museum is the frescoes by Jacopo della Quercia. One of the most valuable collections is the collection of ancient documents. Particularly noteworthy is the statue of Pope Boniface the Eighth, created by Manno Bandini – Boniface became famous for having devoted his whole life to ending the war between Ferrara and Bologna.

  The museum is divided into 4 sectors, each of which, in turn, is divided into halls. The first floor introduces the history of the museum, a collection of ceramics and unique Italian and French ivory products are also exhibited. One of the halls houses a magnificent 13th century fountain decorated with four Atlanteans.

A medieval hall displays objects made of Carrara marble in the 13th century. Next to this hall there is a room that houses the funerary sculptures of professors who died in the Middle Ages. You can also see the figures of Saints Pietro, Dominic, Ambrosio, Francisca, Floriano and Petronio, created around 1382.

Room 21 houses a collection of intricate drawers that were probably used by women to store precious jewelry. The gem of the museum is a bronze bust of Mercury made by Giambologna in honor of Maximilian II.


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Topic: Medieval Museum in Italy, Bologna resort.Medieval Museum in Italy, Bologna resort

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