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Municipal Archaeological Museum in Italy, Bologna resort

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The Municipal Archaeological Museum of the city of Bologna is today housed in the building of the Palazzo Galvani, built in the 15th century. In the 19th century, the building underwent extensive restoration work, after which it was turned into a museum. Valuable exhibits were transported to the building, which are gifts from various well-wishers. Among the patrons were such famous people as Pope Benedict the Fourteenth.
Twelve of the eighteen rooms today are devoted to archeology. They exhibit the most ancient finds, according to which man existed in this area even during the Paleolithic period.
Most of the finds were made quite by accident during excavation work carried out in the vicinity of Bologna at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. An important role in the development of archeology in Italy was played by prominent scientists of that time – Luigi Pigorini, Pellegrini Strobel and Giuseppe Chierici, who discovered many ancient burials, which in turn created a public interest   and inspiration for the next generation of scientists.
In 1994, the museum's basement housed a rich Egyptian collection, which includes bas-reliefs, coins, medals, vases, wooden coffins, funerary steles, bronze sculptures and much more. The pearl of the collection are various death masks of the pharaohs, which are about 3.5 thousand years old.
Interesting are the ancient tombstones of the Roman Empire, located on the first floor of the building. Some of them are decorated with images of members of famous families such as Alennia, Furvi, Cornelli and others. You can also see tombstones with Christian, Greek and Coptic inscriptions here.

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Topic: Municipal Archaeological Museum in Italy, Bologna resort.Municipal Archaeological Museum in Italy, Bologna resort

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