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Hong Kong Park in China, Hong Kong resort

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This city park is located at the very foot of Victoria Peak, right in the city center. The park area is 8 hectares. It is considered one of the most unusual parks in the world.

Hong Kong Park was opened in 1991. During its construction and planning, the rules of Feng Shui were taken into account. It has many greenery, fountains, flowers, artificial ponds and waterfalls.

In the very center of the park you can see a system of unusual ponds in which sea turtles, spotted carps and other fish swim and swans. Also water lilies grow on them.

Tourists are especially attracted by the aviation – a huge aviary protected by a net. Above it, you can walk along special wooden bridges, observing the life of exotic birds from above.

One of the oldest colonial buildings is located in the park, which houses the Tea Ware Museum. Here visitors can learn more about the history of tableware making, as well as about Chinese tea drinking.

In addition to all this, in the park you can visit the monkey area, the plastic arts center, a restaurant, playgrounds and a clock tower ... Various events are often held in the center of the park.  


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Topic: Hong Kong Park in China, Hong Kong resort.Hong Kong Park in China, Hong Kong resort

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