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Veveri Castle in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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Veveri Castle, located a few kilometers from the city of Brno, on a high promontory near the Brno reservoir, is today one of the oldest and largest castles in the country, as well as a monument of medieval architecture.

According to historians, the foundation of the castle took place in 1059 by order of Prince Konradom I of Brno. The oldest part of the castle, built in the early Gothic and late Romanesque styles, is located on the narrow side of the cape.

The castle was first mentioned in writing in 1213 as Stephanus de Weverin, in documents issued by Przemysl Otkar The first to the Order of the Johannites.

In the XIII century, the castle was a hunting residence, gradually forming into the administrative center of the surrounding lands up the Svratka river.

After the death of the last of the Premyslid family, the castle was mentioned only once for three decades. In August 1308, Indrich, the newly elected king of Bohemia, had to pay Frederick Habsburg a tax on the right to rule Moravia and Bohemia. Until payment, the royal estates and the Veveri castle remained with Frederick.

In 1311, the castle was ruled by Jan from Wartenberg, who completely built up the building. During the reign of John of Luxembourg, the castle was ruled by the local gentry.

Jan Heinrich – brother of Charles the Fourth, later becoming a margrave, expanded and strengthened the castle. At the same time, new towers, walls appeared, courtyard and chapel. In March 1421, Sigismund of Luxembourg, during the Hussite wars, entrusted the castle to his hetman P. Kutei.

In 1424 Veveri withstood the siege of the Hussites, who never managed to capture it. In 1468, the castle was captured by the army of Matthias Corvinus. In 1645, during the siege of the city by the Swedes, Veveri was also besieged, whose defenders were able to defend the onslaught of the enemy. In 1870, a number of reconstructions were carried out in the castle, the surroundings were also equipped – an English park was laid out and greenhouses were installed.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Winston Churchill visited the castle three times.

The last owner of the castle had a lawsuit against by the Czech authorities on the issue of their property, in 1925, he nevertheless agreed to monetary compensation. Since then, Veveri Castle has become a national treasure.

During the Second World War, the castle was used in particular for military training. During the hostilities, Veveri was badly damaged.

In 1972, a project was put forward to reconstruct the castle for a central conference, but these plans remained unfulfilled.

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Topic: Veveri Castle in the Czech Republic, Brno resort.Veveri Castle in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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