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Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in China, Guangzhou resort

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This mausoleum is located at the base of the Purple Mountains in Jiangsu province. Here lies the leader of the Xinhai Revolution and"father of the nation" Dr. Sun Yat-sen. He is equally revered in Taiwan and mainland China. Today this mausoleum is a real place of pilgrimage for foreign tourists and Chinese.

The construction of this mausoleum was started in 1926 and lasted for 3 years. A marble staircase with 392 steps leads to the entrance to the mausoleum. Climbing up them, you will see an impressive structure of white marble, which is crowned with a sky-blue roof. Light blue and white are the colors of the party founded by Sun Yat-sen.

In the very center of the main hall of the building there is a statue of this great revolutionary and politician.   It is made of white marble and its height is 5 meters. The statue was made by the French sculptor Paul Landovsky. The ceiling above the statue is lined with blue mosaics. From the main hall you can get into the burial chamber itself. Above the entrance there are carved the principles of the salvation of the nation, which were put forward by Sun Yatsen: a decent standard of living, democracy and patriotism.

In the burial chamber, which has the shape of a circle, there is a coffin, which is decorated with another statue Sun Yat-sen. It is believed, however, that the remains of the politician in 1949 were removed from the coffin and transported to Taiwan. An exhibition of photographs is opened in the mausoleum, which tells about Sun Yat-sen and the revolution.

During the descent downward, it seems that all the steps merge with each other. Because of this, the feeling is created that you are not going down the stairs, but along a flat road. It is said that the architects deliberately planned this effect in order to emphasize that Sun Yat-sen never considered himself superior to the people.  


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Topic: Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in China, Guangzhou resort.Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in China, Guangzhou resort

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