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Cape Kaliakra in Bulgaria

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Cape Kaliakra is the longest cape on the Bulgarian coast. The cape is located in northeastern Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast.

During the existence of the Dobrudzha principality, the capital was moved from Kavarna to a fortress located on Cape Kaliakra.

In 1791, during the Russian -Turkish War the Battle of Kaliakria took place here.

In 1866, the first modern lighthouse was built on the cape. Later, wind farms were also installed here.

There are several legends about Cape Kaliaktra. The most famous is the legend about forty Bulgarian girls who, instead of being captured by the Ottomans, tied their braids and threw themselves down from the cape into the Black Sea. Today an obelisk was erected here in honor of this legend.

Another legend says that Lysimache – Alexander the Great's successor, having taken possession of the treasury, hid at Cape Kaliakra, but soon died during a storm along with his fleet.

In 1993, a small chapel was built on the cape depicting the tomb of Nicholas the Wonderworking. During the Ottoman rule, a dervish monastery existed in the same place.

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