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City tower in Croatia, Rijeka resort

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The city tower is considered the symbol of the city and one of its main attractions. Her image can be found on advertising posters and souvenirs. The tower was built in the 8th century, and its main function was to protect the main gate of Rijeka. In the 18th century it was reconstructed and acquired the features of the Baroque style.

In the 17th century, a clock appeared on the tower, after which it was called the"Clock Tower". After an earthquake in 1750, the city, including the tower, were destroyed. Later, the tower was restored and acquired a powerful door with a relief of the emperor, which was created by the sculptor Antonio Michelazzi.

In 1784, a new clock, created by a watchmaker from Ljubljana, was placed on the tower. They went out to all four sides of the city tower. This clock was replaced with a new one in 1873, which is still in operation, showing the exact time to the townspeople and tourists of the city.

In addition to the old clock, the tower is decorated with images of Austrian emperors - Charles IV and Leopold I.  

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Topic: City tower in Croatia, Rijeka resort.City tower in Croatia, Rijeka resort

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