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Planetarium in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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The Planetarium of the city of Varna is the largest on the Balkan Peninsula. The planetarium is located at the Higher Naval School named after N.Y. Vaptsarov, next to the educational buildings. The hall of the building is designed for 120 seats, the diameter of its dome is 18 meters.

In 1972, Stara Zagora purchased a Zeiss projection device, however, due to financial difficulties, the payment was never fully paid. The second reason for the resale of the device was the lack of a suitable building. As a result, Zeiss was acquired by the Bulgarian Navy Shipping Company to train cadets. Later it was decided to build a planetarium building in the courtyard of the VVMU. Soon the apparatus was out of order due to improper storage. Fortunately, it was replaced by the manufacturer with a more modern and modified device.

The projection device was installed on four axes - – ecliptic, polar, horizontal and vertical.

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Topic: Planetarium in Bulgaria, Varna resort.Planetarium in Bulgaria, Varna resort

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