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Kiev Planetarium description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev

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Kiev Planetarium description and photos - Ukraine: Kiev

Kiev Planetarium description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Kiev Planetarium is one of the largest planetariums in the CIS. It was founded by the renowned astronomer S. K. Vsekhsvyatsky in 1952. Once the planetarium served as a visual tool for atheistic propaganda and education. Now here, in addition to astronomical lectures, there is an art studio and its own exhibition fund. Visitors can see the stars in the planetarium house at any time and in any weather - it is open to everyone, there are exciting programs for all ages and for all tastes.

The planetarium's kaleidoscope of encounters under the astral sky includes educational lectures and art programs to support the school's astronomy, natural history and geography courses. The potential of the Kiev Planetarium makes it possible to explain the laws of nature with great clarity and experience what neither books, nor television, nor schools can give.

Those who wish to “shake up the old days”, arrange an original date or diversify their leisure time, can be convinced that the Kiev Planetarium is a great alternative to the usual pastime. There is something to see and something to admire. The dome of the starry hall of the Kiev Planetarium has a diameter of 23.5 meters, and the hall itself can accommodate more than three hundred inquisitive visitors. In its center is the "planetarium" - the main apparatus of the stellar house. By the way, the Kiev Planetarium, like planetariums all over the world, got its name from the name of this very apparatus. To make the programs in the Star Hall more efficient, auxiliary projectors are used.

The Kiev Planetarium strives not to stand still in terms of technical equipment. In order to keep up with the current world level of technical development, much attention is paid to the modernization of the planetarium equipment.

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Topic: Kiev Planetarium description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev.Kiev Planetarium description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev

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