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Museo Lazaro Galdiano in Spain, Madrid resort

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This museum is one of the most famous in Madrid. It is located in a palace that was built in a style typical of 19th century Italian architecture. The museum building is surrounded by a lush garden. This palace was once the seat of a private publishing house. In 1948, the publishing house handed over to the government a collection of works of art: silver and gold cups, items covered with enamel, images of the head and the Virgin Mary made of ivory, and others. Today, you can see household items, accessories, paintings and clothes.

Tours of the museum usually start from the top floor, from the collections of ancient weapons, clothing and royal seals. Then they move on to crystal objects and jewelry. Next, they usually inspect bronze items, created in Italy from antiquity to the Renaissance.

The museum contains a fairly large collection of Spanish paintings. You can see the works of artists such as Murillo, Valdes-Levl, Zurbaran, Ribera, El Greco, Velazquez and others.

In a separate section, works by British artists, portrait and landscape masters: Reynolds , Constable and Gainsborough.

There are 37 rooms in the museum, which are simply overflowing with works of art.  


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Topic: Museo Lazaro Galdiano in Spain, Madrid resort.Museo Lazaro Galdiano in Spain, Madrid resort

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