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Scuola di San Rocco in Italy, Venice resort

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Scuola di San Roco was founded by the Brotherhood of San Roco in 1549. Nowadays it belongs to one of the six large scuoles in Venice.

In 1481, the Brotherhood of San Roco was registered by the Council of Ten, responsible for helping the sick. Initially, the Brotherhood had few members, but by 1515 it had about five thousand members, in connection with which it was decided to build a new building for the Brotherhood.

In 1515, construction began buildings under the leadership of Bartolomeo Bona, he was soon replaced by the architect Sante Lombardo. The construction was completed in 1549 by Antonio del Abbondi. Scuola is located near the Church of San Ricco in the square of the same name. The construction of the building was carried out with donations from the Venetians. And in our time, the Brotherhood of San Rocco continues to engage in charity.

For the painting of the building in 1564, a competition was announced, in which Schiavone, Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, Salviati and Zuccari took part. Tintoretto won the competition, beating the contestants by presenting the painting `` Saint Roch in Glory '' instead of a sketch. Today this painting can be seen in the Albergo Hall on the ceiling. Tintoretto has been painting scuola for 23 years.

The paintings of the Albergo Hall are entirely the work of Tintoretto. The most outstanding picture of the scuola – canvas `` Crucifixion ''. Near the entrance you can see the paintings `` Climbing Calvary '' and `` Christ before Pilate '' – genuine masterpieces by Tintoretto. A large collection of ceramics is also on display next to the Albergo Hall.

A unique collection of paintings can also be observed in the hall on the second floor. The artist Tintoretto worked on the ceiling and walls, painted with biblical frescoes, for 6 years. There are also works by D.B. Tiepolo – Abandoned Hagar and The Hospitality of Abraham. The altar in the upper hall is the work of Bernardino, on the doors of the altar there is a wooden panel by Giovanni Markiori.

On the first floor of the scuola there are eight paintings telling about the childhood of Christ and the Virgin.

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Topic: Scuola di San Rocco in Italy, Venice resort.Scuola di San Rocco in Italy, Venice resort

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