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Church of Asinu in Cyprus, Troodos resort

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The church was built in 1105, originally it was part of the Forvi monastery, which has long disappeared along with other buildings. It is located near the village of Nikitari.

Outwardly, the church looks quite unusual. The roof is tiled and has a large visor, like a hat with low brims. Because of this, the church looks more like a barn than a temple of God. It is built of volcanic stone and was originally covered with gypsum plaster. Churches of that time, as a rule, have a small number of windows. The Ashinu Temple has two windows, one above the western door and one in the altar apse.

This church has many frescoes that date back to the 11th century and later. All frescoes can be considered an example of Cypriot painting, in them you can observe features of all styles that came to Cyprus from different parts of the world.

The frescoes mainly depict scenes from the life of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of Lazarus ... The central frescoes depict Constantine and his mother, St. Helena.

The church can only be viewed accompanied by a priest from the village of Nikitari.

Ashinu Church is listed world cultural heritage of UNESCO.


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Topic: Church of Asinu in Cyprus, Troodos resort.Church of Asinu in Cyprus, Troodos resort

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