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Truk Lam Pagoda in Vietnam, Dalat resort

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Truk Lam Pagoda was built to rebuild the school that was founded by Emperor Tran Nhan Tong. The Sen school harmoniously combined the Vietnamese traditions and culture and teachings of various Zen schools.

The decision to build the pagoda was made by the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee and signed in July 1993. The construction of the monastery was carried out on the territory of the reserve.

The first design of the pagoda was proposed by the architects Nyun Ngoc An and Ngo Viet Thu. Later the project underwent partial changes, especially this was reflected in the inner sections of the palace. During the construction of the pagoda, the architect Wu San Hung also built a bell tower and a triple gate, in order to adapt the structure to the simplified and soft architectural style of Vietnam.

In April 1993, construction of the pagoda began. It involved local Buddhists, nuns and monks, as well as followers of this religious movement. The inauguration of the monastery took place in February 1994.


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Topic: Truk Lam Pagoda in Vietnam, Dalat resort.Truk Lam Pagoda in Vietnam, Dalat resort

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