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Jacques Lam Pagoda in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh resort

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Jacques-Lam Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City. The pagoda is the first Buddhist monastery and center for teaching the canons of Buddhism in the south of Vietnam, where many monks from all over the world come to study every year.

In 1998, the Hak Lam Pagoda was included in the list of UNESCO sites as a state monument national cultural and historical heritage.

Today, within the walls of this monastery are kept many valuable materials on culture, history, religious sculpture and architecture.

The construction of the pagoda was carried out in 1744. The building was built from precious woods on a high hill. The architectural appearance of the pagoda harmoniously fits into the surrounding landscapes.

In the architecture of the pagoda's double gates, leading to the central chamber through the courtyard, there are original features of the Western style. Here you can see images of styrax leaves, lotus flowers, and other symbols inherent in Indian culture.

One of the attractions of the temple is a ceramic vase brought from the Shrngbe province, which is a symbol of the national spirit of the Vietnamese. Every year, the abbot of the pagoda, at the moment of agreement between earth and sky, solemnly glues inscriptions to the screen at the Pillar of National Spirit expressing the wishes of the monks.

A group of ancient statues of the Jacques-Lam pagoda tells about the first Vietnamese settlements on these lands. There are 118 statues in total, most of which are bronze and wooden statues of arhats, 4 statues of bodhisattvas and one statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. All the statues of Bodhisattvas and Buddha are the original creation of local masters.

The pagoda building is decorated with horizontal panels with high reliefs, hieroglyphs, parallel sayings, etc. Each panel is a highly artistic work of realistic drawing and fine workmanship. The images of nine dragons spewing water symbolize the combination of favorable weather and fertile soil.

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Topic: Jacques Lam Pagoda in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh resort.Jacques Lam Pagoda in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh resort

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