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Lake Skadar National Park in Montenegro

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This national park is named after the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, two-thirds of which belongs to Montenegro, and the rest is located on Albanian lands. There are also the vastness of Europe's largest bird sanctuary (there are about 270 different species of birds, sometimes completely unique) and a large pelican reserve. All these circumstances made it possible to include Lake Skadar with the adjacent territories in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Unlike many Montenegrin lakes, Skadar Lake has a natural origin. Its depth ranges from six to sixty meters in different parts. Along the shores of the lake, there are a number of monasteries with a rich history stretching back to the Middle Ages. These are Starcheva Gorica, Brezavitsa XIV century, Morachnik early XV century, as well as the ruins of Prechista Krainska and Vranjina, ruins winter house St. Peter of Cetinje and Orahovo monastery. Also interesting are the Upper and Lower Brchel monasteries monasteries and many others.

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Topic: Lake Skadar National Park in Montenegro.Lake Skadar National Park in Montenegro

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