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Cathedral La Seu (Barcelonas cathedral) in Spain, Barcelona resort

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The ancient cathedral of the 4th century, which stood on this site, was destroyed by the Moors in 985. From 1046 to 1058, a new Romanesque cathedral was built here. In 1289, King Jaime II ordered the construction of a real Gothic cathedral. It was completed only in 1448. Its spire and facade were later rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style.

The interior of the cathedral is very austere, characterized by harmonious elongated columns, multicolored colors, cruciform decorations and elegant vaults. In total, this three-aisled cathedral has about 26 side chapels. Each of them – it is an artistic treasury that preserves the public and historical memory of the city.

The main altar of the cathedral was consecrated in 1337. The choir of the main nave was built in 1390, and in the 16th century a beautiful marble chapel was completed behind the choir.

The beautiful crypt of St. Eulalia is located right under the main altar. She is a great martyr and patroness of the city who lived in the 4th century. Directly behind the altar is an alabaster sarcophagus that rests on four columns.

The chapel del Santo Cristo de Lepanto is located on the territory of the church. It was once the home of a canon. This chapel was built in the years 1405-1454. It is recognized as one of the best buildings in the Gothic style.

You can enter the courtyard of the cathedral through the south gate. There is a garden with magnolias, palm trees and medlar, a covered gallery, a fountain, as well as a small museum where you can see church utensils, tapestries and a font from the 11th century.

Since ancient times, white geese have lived in the courtyard. According to legend, they keep the peace of the townspeople buried near the cathedral.  


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Topic: Cathedral La Seu (Barcelonas cathedral) in Spain, Barcelona resort.Cathedral La Seu (Barcelonas cathedral) in Spain, Barcelona resort

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