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Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Italy, Rome resort

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The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the main churches in Rome.

A rather interesting legend is associated with the foundation of the basilica. In 352, on a summer night, the rich Roman Giovanni Patrizio and Pope Liberius appeared in a dream, Madonna, and ordered to build a church on the spot where it will snow tomorrow. In the morning snow fell on Esquiline, after which the construction of a new basilica began.

In the 440s, a new church was built on the site of the old basilica by Pope Sixtus III, which was consecrated in honor of Our Lady. Many popes, trying to make the church even more beautiful, decorated and completed the building. In 1377 the bell tower was built, which became the tallest in Rome.

The current facade with a loggia and portico was built by Ferdinando Fuga in the 1740s. The wall in the loggia has preserved mosaic decor dating from the early 14th century.

Despite the later alterations, the interior of the church gives an idea of the early Christian church, which differs from modern buildings in perfection of proportions, solemnity and harmony. The mosaics that adorn the church are of exceptional interest.

In the central nave, you can observe the 5th century mosaics on scenes from the Old Testament, which amaze with their brightness, freshness and beauty. The Arc de Triomphe is decorated with mosaics depicting scenes of the Annunciation, the birth of Jesus and his worship. The apse mosaic was created in the 13th century by Jacop Torriti and also combines parts dating from the 5th century. / p>
Particularly noteworthy is the coffered wooden ceiling by Giuliano da Sangallo. For the gilding of the ceiling, gold was used, brought from the New World, which was received as a gift from the Spanish royal house. The floor of the temple was made in the XII century and quite significantly changed by the restoration carried out here in the XVIII century.


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Topic: Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Italy, Rome resort.Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Italy, Rome resort

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