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Zoo in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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Brno Zoo is located in the Mnisa Gora area, in the middle of a beech forest and oak forests, just 5 kilometers from the city center. The zoo has parking, cafes and souvenir shops. The total area of the Zoo is 65 hectares.

The Zoo was founded in 1950, and the opening took place three years later. The zoo specializes in African ungulates. It also takes care of the affected representatives of the Czech fauna and operates as a shelter for stray animals.

Today it is home to 61 species of mammals, 45 species of birds, 1 species of amphibians, 23 species of reptiles and 101 species fish.

The rarest and most significant species in the zoo include the Nile crocodile, fringed turtle, Bengal cat, gray parrot, serval, fishing cat, jaguar, caracal, Ceylon leopard, etc. In total, the zoo has 36 species that are on the verge of extinction, of which 9 endangered species in Czech nature.

The most popular exhibit in the zoo is the Tropical Kingdom. The exposition introduces representatives of tropical flora and fauna from the Amazon, Africa, Madagascar and other regions. Safari, one of the most complete exhibitions   in Europe.

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Topic: Zoo in the Czech Republic, Brno resort.Zoo in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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