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Rivoli Castle in Italy

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Rivoli Castle is the former residence of the royal family of Savoy. Nowadays, the castle houses the Museum of Modern Art.

The construction of the castle belongs to IX – X centuries, but for the first time it was mentioned in writing only in 1159, in the letter of Frederick Barbarossa, where it was said that the castle was given to the Turin bishops.

In the XI century the castle was acquired by the Savoy dynasty, after which civil strife with the bishops soon began. As a result, in 1184 the castle was badly damaged. In 1330 Amadeus the Sixth of Savoy moved to the castle. Subsequently, the castle was also the site of the first veneration of the Turin Shroud.

In the middle of the 16th century, the Cato-Cambresian peace established, that Duke Emmanuel Philibert's residence in Turin is not possible until he has a son. The count was forced to leave Turin and settle in the castle of Rivoli. During this period, a number of restoration works were carried out in the castle. In 1562, the Count had a son, Charles Emmanuel I, after which he returned to Turin.

In the 17th century, the `` Gallery of Savoy '' was built in the castle, which has survived to this day. The gallery at the time housed a rich art collection, which, unfortunately, was stolen by the French army. In 1706, new construction work was carried out in the castle.

In the 17th century, Victor-Amadeus II planned to make a new facade for the building, and ordered the project to Philip Juvarro, which was never completed. Victor-Amadeus was in the castle as a prisoner after his unsuccessful attempt to restore the reign under Charles Emmanuel III – his son. After the death of the king, the castle was abandoned for a while. In 1863, the fortress functioned as a barracks, and 20 years later part of the castle was given over to a library.

During the Second World War, the castle was badly damaged and was in a dilapidated state until 1979 ... In 1984, after the reconstruction work in the castle, the Museum of Modern Art was opened.  

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