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Temple of Minerva in Italy, Rome resort

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The Temple of Menerva is a large and beautiful church, the rarest example of Gothic architecture in Rome.

Earlier on the site of the church was the ancient Temple of Minerva, in the place of which later the Dominican the monks built a Christian church. Next to the temple there was a Dominican monastery, where in the courtyard trials of heretics were often held. Here the trial of Galileo took place, where the now famous catchphrase `` Still it turns! '' Was pronounced.

Next to the altar is the painting"The Risen Jesus" by Michelangelo ... Initially, the painter depicted Jesus naked, but the temple fathers decided that the son of the Lord should not appear in this form in front of believers, therefore, sandals and a loincloth were added to the image.

Also at the altar there is the Carafa Chapel, where the relics of Pope Paul the Fourth are kept – the creator of the Roman Ghetto, the persecutor of Protestants, and the author of the Index of Forbidden Books. Paul is also known for the fact that it was by his decree that a loincloth was attached to each character in the Last Judgment. The chapel was decorated with frescoes by Fillipino Lippi.

To the left of the altar is the Frangipani Chapel with the Madonna and Child by Beato Angelico.

The relics of St. Catherine of Siena rest under the altar – patroness of Italy. Catherine was the daughter of a dyer and became famous for being able to persuade the popes to return from Avignon to Rome. Ekaterina possessed the gift of eloquence and was able to do what none of the talented and respected Italians have been able to do for over 70 years.

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Topic: Temple of Minerva in Italy, Rome resort.Temple of Minerva in Italy, Rome resort

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