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Saint Nedelya Cathedral in Bulgaria, Sofia resort

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The Cathedral of Holy Week is the cathedral of the Sofia Metropolis, named after the Martyr Kyriakia of Nicomedia.

Unfortunately, the history of the founding of the cathedral is practically unknown to this day. It is likely that the very first building appeared here in the 10th century and had wooden walls and a stone foundation. Until the 19th century, the building remained wooden, unlike other churches in Sofia.

In 1460, the remains of King Stephen II were moved to Bulgaria, where they were preserved in various monasteries and churches. In the 18th century, after the Cathedral of the Holy Week became a cathedral, the relics of the king were transferred here, as a result of which the church was renamed the Church of the Holy King. It wore this name until the beginning of the twentieth century.

After a fire that occurred in 1856, the church was completely destroyed, and after a while a new cathedral was built in its place. The construction of the new building began in the same year. In 1858, the unfinished cathedral suffered from an earthquake, in connection with which the period of construction work was increased. The construction of the building was completed only by 1863. In 1867, the cathedral was consecrated, which was attended by about 20 thousand people. In 1879, Prince Dondukov-Korsakov presented the church with 8 bells.

In 1898 the church was renovated, during which several more domes were added to the building. In 1915, Joseph the First was buried in the cathedral. Bulgarian exarch. In 1925, during the funeral service for General Konstantin Georgiev, an explosion thundered, which claimed the lives of more than 100 people, organized by the BKP with the aim of killing political leaders and the military. The church was also badly damaged, after which it was restored, but lost its original appearance. In 1933, the church was re-consecrated. The gilded iconostasis, preserved during the explosion, made by Stanislav Dospevsky, was returned to the cathedral.

In 1971-1973, a group of artists made artistic frescoes for the cathedral. In 1992-1994, the floor of the building was renovated and the north colonnade was glazed.

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Topic: Saint Nedelya Cathedral in Bulgaria, Sofia resort.Saint Nedelya Cathedral in Bulgaria, Sofia resort

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