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Basilica of San Giorgio in Velabro in Italy, Rome resort

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The Basilica of San Giorgio in Velabro is a Roman church dedicated to Saint George.

The church was built on the site where, according to legend, Faustulus Remus and Romulus were found. The church was dedicated to George the Victorious, who was a Roman military leader from Cappadocia, and was beheaded under the emperor Diocletian. Today, under the main altar are relics – head and sword that belonged to the saint.

In 1923-1925, during archaeological excavations under the right nave, ruins of a stone structure dated to II – III centuries. In V – In the 6th century, this building was expanded and turned into a monastery, whose inhabitants helped the poor and disadvantaged. Immediately under the monastery, the remains of the original church were found, premises for housing the poor, storage of grain, and cells of monks.

The modern temple was built during the reign of Pope Leo II (682-683) on the site of the old monastery. According to the surviving written evidence, the construction of the basilica dates back only to the 11th century, but research has confirmed that part of the facade of the church was actually built in the 7th century. Before the relics of St. George were transferred to the basilica, it was most likely dedicated to St. Sebastian.

A large-scale reconstruction of the basilica was carried out during the reign of Pope Gregory the Fourth; during the work, an apse was added to the building of the ball. to our time, portico, which at the beginning of the XII century was replaced by the existing one. Inside, marble choirs were erected, of which only minor fragments have survived.

In the 12th century, a presbytery, a ciborium and an altar with confessions were arranged in the church. At the same time, a modern portico was built. In the 13th century, a typical Romanesque campanile was erected, which was destroyed by lightning in 1837, but was soon restored. At the beginning of the 14th century, Cardinal Jacopo Stefaneschi ordered Pietro Cavallini to decorate the altar with a fresco.

In 1923-1925, large-scale restoration work was carried out in the church, led by Antonio Muiosa. In the course of the work, all Baroque layers were removed, the original masonry of the outer walls was exposed and the floor was lowered to its original level.

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Topic: Basilica of San Giorgio in Velabro in Italy, Rome resort.Basilica of San Giorgio in Velabro in Italy, Rome resort

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