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Migdal Opera Center in Israel, Tel Aviv resort

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Today, the Migdal-Opera center is one of the most beautiful and prestigious shopping and entertainment centers in the country. This center is located on the corner of Yarkon and Allenby streets, in the central part of Tel Aviv's embankment.

The first three floors of the building were rented as a shopping and entertainment center, the remaining 18 floors are residential apartments, as well as a floor with a swimming pool , a hall for celebrations, a gym and a sauna. The underground floors are occupied by a parking lot.

The entertainment complex offers cafes, jewelry and fashion stores, galleries where you can buy works of art.

Miglal-Opera Center; was built on the site where the first Knesset operated in 1949. Further, the first opera was located here. In memory of the past, David Tartakover created a black and white art panel on the first floor. Moti Mizrahi, impressed by Israeli opera, created a bronze statue of The Oriental Kiss, which was installed in the center of the hall.

Migdal Opera; is an excellent place for recreation and shopping, because it is here that you can find wonderful souvenirs, clothes, leather goods, silver and gold, as well as sit in cozy restaurants offering a variety of cuisine for every taste.

For children and adolescents at the Migdal-Opera there are computer game centers and modern cinemas. There is a small bookstore at the entrance to the building where you can buy maps in various languages.

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Topic: Migdal Opera Center in Israel, Tel Aviv resort.Migdal Opera Center in Israel, Tel Aviv resort

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