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Ham Rong Mountain in Vietnam, Sapa Resort

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Legend has it that in the distant past there was no enmity among animals, and they all lived together. However, it all ended when the Jade Emperor ordered each animal to find a separate habitat for themselves. All animals, having heard the order, immediately rushed to carry it out. The three dragon brothers, who previously lived on the lake, first rushed to the east, but they could not find anything for themselves, and therefore rushed west. Two of the brothers ran faster than the third and were able to arrive at the site before him. Their younger brother found himself in a crowd of tigers, lions and other predatory cats. Expecting that the animals might attack, the dragon opened its mouth. It was at this time that the Emperor's order lost its power, and all the dragons were turned into stone.

The elder dragon brothers waiting for their brother turned into the lands of Lao Cai, and the younger dragon, raised his head with his mouth open, became Mount Hoanglien. Thanks to this legend, the mountain got its name Ham Rong, which means `` dragon's jaw. ''

The mountain is also notable for numerous grottoes and caves, and from the top of Ham Rong a breathtaking view of the city of Sapa and its surrounding areas.

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Topic: Ham Rong Mountain in Vietnam, Sapa Resort.Ham Rong Mountain in Vietnam, Sapa Resort

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