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Lam Dong Museum in Vietnam, Dalat Resort

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Today, the Lam Dong Museum is housed in the former Dalat City Hall, on a large hill, to which a winding road, popularly called the Love Road, leads.

Since October 1996, the museum was forced to temporarily suspend its work. It reopened only in December 1999, however, at a different address. The new home for the Lam Dong Museum is a villa built by Nguyen Huu Hao, also known as Nguyen Huu Hao's palace. The palace complex is located on the top of a hill and territorially covers 2.7 hectares.

Today the museum specializes in the collection and preservation of artifacts, ethnological exhibits and finds discovered during excavations.

The museum presents nine exhibition halls on the following topics to the attention of visitors:
archaeological finds confiscated by the police;
historical periodization; traditional crafts;
archaeological finds from Daylang;
archaeological finds from Daidong and Dailao;
agricultural and hunting supplies;
nature, geography, people;
finds of the war years, the period of resistance to American colonists and French;
cultural life and traditional festivals;
achievements of socialist society in the field of construction.

Nowadays Lam Dong Museum is a cultural and educational center. In the future, it is planned to build four small houses on stilts on the territory of the museum, reflecting the peculiarities of the life and culture of local minorities. Also, traditional Vietnamese crafts – weaving rattan, bamboo, pottery, embroidery, etc.  

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Topic: Lam Dong Museum in Vietnam, Dalat Resort.Lam Dong Museum in Vietnam, Dalat Resort

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