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Temple of Vesta in Italy, Rome resort

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The Temple of Vesta in our time is the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the Roman goddess of the hearth – Veste. The temple is located in the Roman Forum, not far from the Temple of Caesar.

The Temple of Vesta and the House of the Vestals constituted a single complex, functionally connected with the residence of the Great Pontiff.

The sacred fire in the temple was constantly maintained. Initially, the fire was guarded by the king's daughters, who were soon replaced by vestal priestesses. The responsibilities of the priestesses included the constant maintenance of the fire, as well as carrying out rituals dedicated to the goddess.

The building was made in the form of a tholos, which was surrounded on all sides by twenty Corinthian columns. There was a special hole in the roof where smoke from the fire escaped.

At that time, there was a cache in the temple, in which imperial symbols were kept. According to legend, the symbols were brought to Rome by Aeneas from Troy.

The temple was on fire several times. In 191 A.D. due to a strong fire that partially destroyed the building, reconstruction was carried out here under the leadership of Julia Domna – wife of Septimius Sever.

In 394, Emperor Theodosius ordered the temple to be closed, after which the building fell into decay.


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Topic: Temple of Vesta in Italy, Rome resort.Temple of Vesta in Italy, Rome resort

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