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Paneromeni Church (Faneromeni) in Cyprus, Nicosia resort

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Faneromeni Church is one of the most beautiful and oldest churches on the island. The church is located near the"Green Line", which divides Nicosia into the Turkish and Greek sectors.
The history of this church dates back to 1300. On the site of the church there was once a monastery of Panagia Faneromeni. In 1571, the Turks wanted to turn the monastery into a mosque. But all their attempts were unsuccessful, since all the clergy (imams) appointed here suddenly died, and the Turks were forced to leave the Christian monastery alone.
In 1872, large construction works were carried out, and the Faneromeni church acquired the appearance in which it is now. In 1938, a bell tower was added next to the church.
The peculiarity of the temple is its interior decoration, painstaking carving of the iconostasis, which reproduces scenes from the Old Testament, the wealth of church paintings and old icons. Also, the iconostasis of the church is decorated with a copy of the Panagia Faneromeni icon, and the original is kept in the Byzantine Museum. But recently, for the sacred liturgy in honor of the Virgin, the original icon is brought to the church for several days.
Another distinctive feature of the church is that there is a marble mausoleum on its territory. This mausoleum contains the remains of priests and bishops who were executed in 1821 by the Turks for conspiracy against the Ottoman Empire.


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Topic: Paneromeni Church (Faneromeni) in Cyprus, Nicosia resort.Paneromeni Church (Faneromeni) in Cyprus, Nicosia resort

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