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Puerta del Sol in Spain, Madrid resort

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From this very area, the counting of all distances in Spain begins, it is the `` zero kilometer ''. The square is just like a wide street. The most noticeable structure on it is – it is a white and red building of the Madrid government, decorated with a clock tower with a metal gazebo on the roof.

In the very center of the square stands a sculpture of Charles II on horseback. On the other side there is a fountain, and in the depths – bear with a strawberry tree, the symbol of Madrid. Pedestrian streets filled with cafes diverge from the square. Shops and souvenir shops.

The main part of the capital begins on this square. For many centuries, this area occupied a far from central position. Translated, its name sounds like the `` Gate of the Sun ''. It was named so because once upon a time there was a gate in the wall that surrounded the city.

In 1525, the Gate of the Sun was demolished. The area that formed next to them expanded. Later here, in gratitude to God for saving Madrid from the plague, the Buen Suezo church was built. In the 17th century, the spring near the temple was equipped with a bronze bowl and a fountain.

From the 17th to the 20th centuries, events of great importance for Madrid took place on the square:
  • 1766 – cloak and hat conspiracy;
  • 1808 – popular uprising against Napoleon;
  • 1812 – the proclamation of the constitution, and then its burning under Ferdinand the Seventh.

This square was the first place in the city where a gas lamp appeared, and then electricity. The very first car in the capital drove through this square. And it was near Puerta del Sol that the first metro line was laid.  


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Topic: Puerta del Sol in Spain, Madrid resort.Puerta del Sol in Spain, Madrid resort

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